Your 30 Day Free Trial of the

Freelancer With Tax – Expanded Ledger

Complete the following 3 steps to install the Ledger program onto your Mac or PC computer:

1.  Download and install “Adobe Air” (free):

2.  Download and install the “Ledger Program”:

3.  Run ledger program & enter “Activation Code”: 


Free Trial Installation Notes

Adobe Air: must be installed on your computer for the Ledger program to work. This makes it possible for this same program to work on "both" a PC or Mac computer.

Ledger Program: is a fully functioning 30-day trial. Anytime during the 30 days, you will be able to click the activation button on the program home screen to make your purchase. After purchase, you will be able to continue working on any bookkeeping files created during the free trial.

Activation Code:  the activation code allows the free trial to work for 30 days.  The first time you run the ledger program you will be presented with a popup window where you will need to enter the 4 digit code shown on the left.

Free Apps:  Install the free Moneyledgers apps from the IOS and Android app stores directly, or use app download buttons near the bottom of the product pages.

Questions?  Contact us, or visit the FAQ page for short simple "how-to" videos on the most common questions and topics.

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