Simplified  bookkeeping software

​​​​​PRO Ledger Desktop Software Upgrade - to 4.0 posted November 21, 2015

​This release includes the following enhancements:
1. Filter bookkeeping entries by category.
2. Interactive line & column graphs.
3. Drag & drop to combine columns when importing data from online banking.
4. New Auto edit feature. Automatically edit a batch of bookkeeping data, imported from any
  on-line bank account, with a click of a button.

PRO Ledger Desktop Software Upgrade - to 4.5 posted Jan 24, 2016
* Fixed the "export" "records" reports, they now will show only filtered results and show "class" properly.
* Expanded ledgers now have ability to filter records by "split" or "personal" class.

* Fixed a few other minor bugs.

PRO Ledger Desktop Software Upgrade - to 4.2 posted December 25, 2015

These release includes a much faster load time, plus:
* sort columns by clicking on column headings
* widen and narrow columns by dragging column borders
* double click on any record to edit the entry.​​​

PRO Ledger Desktop Software Upgrade - to 4.4 posted Jan 9, 2016
* New Search Feature. Search for records by keyword or value. Turn on and off chart elements VIDEO
PRO Ledger Desktop Software Upgrade - to 4.3 posted Dec 29, 2015
This release includes a few bug fixes.
PRO Ledger Desktop Software Upgrade - to 4.1 posted December 10th, 2015

These release includes a new feature to "IMPORT / EXPORT" items from setup screen:
* users are now able to quickly & easily create a new bookkeeping file by importing setting from a previous bookkeeping file. Eliminates the need to create a new setup screen from scratch.


ALSO: update includes: 1. bug fixes for "auto edit" & "csv file import manager". 2. A few other minor bug fixes.​
PRO Ledger Desktop Software Upgrade - to 3.3.9 posted April 10, 2015
This release includes a few minor bug fixes to the "import" feature.
PRO Ledger Desktop Software Upgrade - to 3.3.7 posted March 23, 2015

These release includes a new "IMPORT" feature:
* users are now able to quickly & easily import bookkeeping entries from any csv file from online banking account(s).
PRO Ledger Desktop Software Upgrade - to 3.3.6 posted Feb 18, 2015

These releases includes bug fix to "setup" screen:

* leaving a space at the end of an account name in the "setup" screen was causing errors in the program.  This release has repaired this issue.  Program will now accept empty spaces at end of any account name.​
PRO Ledger Desktop Software Upgrade - to 3.3.4 / 3.3.5 posted Jan 20, 2015

These releases includes minor bug fixes, link changes, & repair of the "repeating entry" feature:

* in previous version the repeating entry feature did not function properly unless it was the first entry in the enter
record screen. Now users are able to use repeated entry button at anytime.
* this version has links directing to the new "" website.
PRO Ledger Desktop Software Upgrade - to 3.3.0 posted Sep 29, 2014, 7:46 AM

Released PRO desktop software FREE upgrade that includes 2 new features:

* In the "setup" screen there is now the ability to change your "date" format.  For example, you can choose to display the date in either "mm/dd/yyyy" OR  "dd/mm/yyyy", and switch between formats as you like. 
* There is now a "sync" button on the main work screen.  Selecting the "sync" button will reload the bookkeeping file, which ensures that any entries made by a smartphone or tablet app are displayed in in your working file.  Users will no longer need to close and re-open the bookkeeping file to see changes or entries made by an app to that same file.

Blog, News, & Updates

PRO Ledger Desktop Software Upgrade - to 3.3.3 posted Dec 23, 2014

This release includes some of the following features for the PRO Desktop programs:

* ability to rename items in the setup screen without having to edit affected entries.
* more attractive screen layouts and some animation.
* better printing of multi-page reports
* repaired a few minor bug fixes.

PLUS:  released the NEW EXPANDED LEDGERS - these new ledgers allow for the creation of "sub-classes" which means you can create an income and expense statement for every property, customer, project, etc.. 
Provides much greater ability to track things on an individual basis, plus still getting overall combined reporting.

Watch the video on how these ledger work by 
clicking here.
ALSO: Added features for "Landlord" ledgers.. including the tracking of security deposits.​​

3.2 Pro Ledger Upgrade Details posted Apr 25, 2014, 6:25 AM 

Released Pro Ledger Version 3.2
FREE Upgrade with these new features & improvements:

* Added "Financial Summary" screen to the APP's.  Users are now able to view financial summaries for any month, quarter, or all entries from their Smartphone or Tablet.  A convenient way to keep up to date on financial progress throughout the year.
* Added "Repeating Entry" feature to the Pro Ledger Desktop Software.  Users are now able to quickly and easily setup entries that are repeated throughout the financial year.  To watch a 3 minute video on this new feature click here.
* A few minor bug fixes and font changes to the App's for easier reading.
** All current users will be automatically prompted to update their Pro software and app's.
PRO Ledger Upgrade Details posted Mar 22, 2014, 11:27 AM 
Here are the details of our PRO Ledger Update this week:

This FREE UPGRADE includes 3 main changes, (plus a few minor changes and improvements):

* Make "Payable" entries.
* Attach & view "PDF files" to bookkeeping entries.
* Export Reports as "CSV" spreadsheet files.

​IMPORTANT:  the APP's WILL NOT upgrade automatically, you must re-download the NEW APP's from our website.  After you download the app's onto your smartphone or tablet then you should delete the app's you are currently using. From this point forward any future updates will be automatic, however, this is a significant update that requires you to download the app's again.Watch a 5 minute video describing the new features by
clicking here.